Advanced alignment and balancing using top of the line Hunter equipment.

Welcome to CarMed, your one-stop shop for all your wheel alignment and balancing needs. We are proud to offer top-of-the-line services using the latest technology from Hunter, the HawkEye Elite and Road Force Elite Balancer.

Our team of certified technicians have the expertise and experience to ensure your vehicle is running at its best. We understand the importance of proper wheel alignment and balancing for your vehicle’s performance, safety, and longevity. That’s why we use the latest Hunter equipment to ensure accurate and precise results every time.

The Hunter HawkEye Elite is a state-of-the-art wheel alignment system that uses advanced camera technology to quickly and accurately measure your vehicle’s alignment. This system provides a detailed report of your vehicle’s alignment specs, including camber, caster, and toe, and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure your vehicle is running at its best.

In addition to our wheel alignment services, we also offer wheel balancing using the Hunter Road Force Elite Balancer. This advanced system uses a patented road-simulating technology to measure the balance of your wheels and tires, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. It also detects any imperfections in the tires or wheels that can cause vibrations and uneven wear.

At CarMed, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality services at an affordable price. We understand that vehicle maintenance can be costly, which is why we offer competitive pricing and a wide range of services to meet all your automotive needs.

So if you’re in need of wheel alignment or balancing services, come see us at CarMed. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results and your vehicle will be running at its best.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services.

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